Job Application - TLC Family Resource Center

Job Posting CLOSED

Family and Youth Program Director

The Family and Youth Program Director is responsible for oversight of the Family Support and Youth Programs teams. Responsibilities include implementing, maintaining, and supervising all components of the family and youth programs of TLC Family Resource Center in compliance with a variety of state and local contracts. The Director is also responsible for budget management, program development and community partnerships as well as contributing to the effective leadership of the agency.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND TIME ON TASK EXPECTATIONS                                            

Program Management (45% of time)

·         Monitor and ensure that state contracts are being carried out to fidelity and efficacy

·         Develop and monitor scope of work for grants and contracts in alignment with mission, capacity and community need

·         Complete all paperwork and reporting required for state contracts with staff support

·         Understand and utilize data from an electronic case management system to evaluate staff and programs, report on outputs and outcomes, and make program recommendations

·         Maintain adequate staffing to meet objectives of programs and services within budget

·         Monitor program budgets and provide input for budget development

·         Attend advisory committee meetings required by contracts

·         Prepare and present program reports to board, ED, and key stakeholders

·         Review and approve purchase requests and staff request for professional development

·         Promote and facilitate effective communication between teams, departments, and external partners

·         Promote and facilitate program integration with youth, family, recovery, and LGBTQ+ teams

·         Partner with staff to create professional development plans that support personal and agency growth

Program Development (20% of time)

·         Identify opportunities for program development through community needs assessments, funding notifications, and collaborations

·         Develop program proposals and identify needed resources including staffing, space, funding, etc.

·         Assist in developing program budgets, identifying funding sources, and completing funding applications

·         Design and implement programs to fill gaps and expand services throughout TLC’s service area

·         Pursue opportunities for satellite offices or off-site service delivery

·         Identify and pursue new partnerships and opportunities to increase programming

·         Facilitate and monitor memorandums of understanding and partnership agreements

·         Develop and implement evaluation tools and procedures to assess current and future programs

·         Build infrastructure to support, sustain and allow expansion of teams and services


Collaboration/Consultation (10% of time)

·         Collaborate with community agencies including schools, DCYF, and other service organizations

·         Serve as a liaison/consultant on local, regional and state collaborations

·         Publicly present about TLC’s programs to community groups and organizations


·         Ensure adequate onboarding, supervision, and training is provided to program staff

·         Complete Performance Management and Performance Reviews for program staff

·         Maintain regular office hours on-site to provide direct supervision and support to program staff and colleagues

·         Meet bi-weekly with supervisory staff for family and youth teams

·         Provide oversight of satellite offices in Sullivan and Lower Grafton Counties

Meetings/Trainings (10% of time)

·         Attend monthly management team meetings and staff meetings

·         Present to Board and Board committees as requested

·         Complete Professional Development required by agency and/or contracts



·         Masters Degree or 6+ years’ experience in early childhood, family services, or other human services

·         3+ years’ experience supervising a team

·         2+ years’ experience with Program Management

·         2+ years’ experience with Program Development

·         1+ years’ experience using case management systems to collect and analyze program data

·         Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft applications

·         Demonstrated understanding of and ability to evaluate Evidence Based Practices

·         Demonstrated effectiveness managing internal and external collaborations

·         Advanced certifications or licensure preferred


·         Values diversity and inclusion

·         Maintains high level of confidentiality and HIPPA Compliance 

·         Ability to analyze and problem solve complex challenges

·         Strong written and verbal communication skills

·         Ability to support staff with reflective supervision and processing caseloads

·         Commitment to collaboration and partnership

·         Commitment to personal growth and development

Job Title:       Family and Youth Program Director                                        Hours: 1.0 FTE

Department:  Family  and Youth                                                                      Salary:  $62,400-$72,800

Supervisor:    Executive Director                                                                      Location:  Claremont Office

Classification:  Exempt